40 year-old Raymond Lam

In a recent live broadcast, Wong Jing directed and wrote the script of the 1993 martial arts movie "Kung Fu Cult Master". He expressed concern about The "New Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" that was being produced. After "Raymond Lam" was revealed as the new Zhang Wuji (the role was played by international superstar Jet Li 27 years ago), many people thought it was due to the age of Raymond (he 40 years old), and the cast is generally older.

Wong Jing defended his choice by arguing that he did not think Zhang Wuji was old. Since Zhang Wuji's debut in the 1930s, Zhang Wuji's age is correct. Wong Jing added that Raymond is good at fighting.

When the cast was announced, Wong Jing deliberately neglected the actress who will play Xiao Zhao, a character of Chinese Persian descent. There are rumors that Wong Jing denied that this is Dilraba Dilmurat. There are also rumors that Chingmy Yau's teenage daughter Shum Yuet has not yet entered the entertainment industry and will succeed her mother in the role of Xiao Zhao in the movie. Wong Jing's answer is: "I think I will hire professional actors."

The "New Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" are anticipated to be darker than the 1993 version. Zhang Wuji obtained the "Nine Yang" and returned to Ice Fire Island, where he mastered martial arts skills under the guidance of the godfather Xie Xun. Zhang Wuji learns the way of the king, as a result of only after the king can he get revenge. This journey took Zhang Wuji for 20 years. By the time he returned to Bright Peak, he was already 30 years old.

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