Extracurricular Plot Summary

Extracurricular centers around three high school students who begin to commit crimes to make money and the unpredictable dangers they face. Kim Dong Hee will interpret Ji Soo, who goes to a criminal after an unthinkable act by a model student. Jung Da Bin as school bully Min Hee, who gets caught up in the crime of Ji Soo. Park Joo Hyun portrays Ji Soo's dangerous crime partner Gyu Ri, while Nam Yoon Soo appears as Min Hee's friend and the school's most popular dude, Ki Tae.

Extracurricular Korean drama 2020

Kim Dong Hee has finally got his first lead role, we've had such an opportunity to see him shine. I think he did such a great job of conveying his character and their story. This was a completely different role from all the other characters he has played. Yes, he played a few roles, being a high school student like A-Teen, but this version of him will blow you over right away. His movements, phrases and facial expressions will make you feel bad, however however, you will see many other sides of his versatility and how actually unstable Ji Soo in reality is.

The way the drama sometimes expressed such a darkened tone reminded me of Parasite. It was so unique from the start. Usually, when you watch a Korean drama on its television station, many things are filtered out to make it friendly to everyone, but Netflix is a completely different story; they don't care how violent and bloody it is, all they care about is the thrill and entertainment of the audience. That's why the tone and way it was expressed was so much more flexible because they had the freedom to be more creative and more out of the box about how they told the story. This is why it keeps you glued to your seat to find out what happens next.

Aside from the story, each character has flaws that make the drama much more raw and realistic. The characters display you their scenarios and it simply makes you want to understand and analyze why they show the target audience their motives and imperfections. Still, this keeps the story going, and if you keep watching it unravel truths, you finally know that this story and these characters are 100% awesome.

The fact that this story showed many moments of sex trafficking, prostitution and underage or illegal consent in South Korea meant that they touched on this happening. Well this can happen anywhere, in other countries, time, etc. Yet it was brought up to make the story what it is; to show how such a business can be run. It is very scary and thought provoking. It's just interesting that this also included violence, bullying, self-harm and many more topics that were shown in the drama. It can make everyone want to think and exchange a conversation about what's going on. This means that they shed light at the end of the day and make a difference in how they can influence others on such disturbing topics.

From my perspective and hopefully yours too, we can all learn something from this drama. That everyone has their problems and flaws that can bring someone to such a level that they would literally do anything to fulfill their wishes or desires. We are only human and often forget that not everyone is very lucky. Not everyone has a good relationship with loved ones or earns a steady income that can help them through their days in a positive way and even be happy all the time. With gratitude for what we have and the ambitions we want in our lives. Every day we can make better for ourselves and be successful in our happiness and life.

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