Lee Sun Bin has a conflict with her agency

Actress Lee Sun Bin has a conflict with her agency, Well Made Star Ent.

On May 21, attorney Park Chun Hyuk representing Well Made Star Ent issued an official statement, He said: "The agency, through its legal representative, asked Lee Sun Bin to correct the violation of his proprietary contract and to comply with the terms as soon as possible. After asking this question in multiple media, we decided to issue an official statement."

The first part of the statement expressed that the exclusive contract between Well Made Star Ent and Lee Sun Bin was signed in 2016 and the contract period has not yet expired. The contract granted the agency exclusive management rights over Lee Sun Bin's entertainment industry activities, and without the agency's prior approval, Lee Sun Bin had no right to publicize or negotiate performances through third parties.

The second part of the statement stated that in September 2018, Lee Sun Bin sent the agency a unilateral notice to terminate the contract. The statement continued: Since then, she has violated the exclusive contract by independently continuing activities in the entertainment industry. Lee Sun Bin also damaged the reputation of the company and its CEO by filing false lawsuits.

The third part of the statement reads: "We require Lee Sun Bin to promptly correct serious violations of her proprietary contract and send her the following proof of content." The proof of content requires Lee Sun Bin to disclose from 14 days after receiving the notice Details of entertainment activities from September 2018 to the present and the income from these entertainment activities.

The agency also asked Lee Sun Bin to disclose all of her works (including the upcoming OCN TV series "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation") and the work she is negotiating with them. In addition, she must notify those parties that they will negotiate through the agency in the future.

The fourth part of the statement states that if Lee Sun Bin fails to comply with the regulations within the prescribed time limit, the company will take legal action.

The legal representative of Lee Sun Bin responded to the statement and denied the statement.

The reply stated: "On August 31, 2018, Lee Sun Bin sent a content certificate to the agency because the agency lacked cost transparency. She requested objective billing information and supporting evidence, but the agency rejected the request.

"According to the exclusive contract, the agency must use its management rights to maximize the use of Lee Sun Bin's talents and skills. They must provide her with opportunities for physical and mental preparation and explain the contents of her contract and schedule in advance. However, when Lee Sun Bin Of managers pointed out issues such as the lack of transparency in accounting and the signing of offers without prior explanation. The company unilaterally demoted the manager and lowered the salary. This interfered with Lee Sun Bin's entertainment industry activities."

The reply continued to point out that the agency did not respond to Lee Sun Bin's content certification within 14 days in accordance with the provisions of the exclusive contract. In accordance with the procedures stipulated in the exclusive contract, Lee Sun Bin issued a notice saying that his contract had been terminated on September 21, 2018. One year and eight months, the company did not formally refute the termination of the contract. The company did not provide any support for Lee Sun Bin's entertainment activities and confirmed the termination of the activities.

The response continues, In addition, the agency's CEO sued Lee Sun Bin and claimed that she forged the documents. The CEO claimed that they had never signed an exclusive contract with her. The release of this new statement proves his The behavior is inconsistent. Lee Sun Bin was acquitted in a fraud suit against her.

"Despite this, the company still claims that Lee Sun Bin violated her exclusive contract. When requesting her income details from September 2018 to the present, we can only view it as an attempt to reduce Lee Sun Bin's reputation. In addition, Lee Sun Bin Some of the lawsuits filed against the CEO of the agency are against the agency's breach of contractual obligations. The prosecutor is currently investigating, so we cannot say that the case is over. Since the CEO also filed a lawsuit against Li Shanbin, the relationship of mutual trust has Broken. The litigation decision will not change the fact that the contract has been terminated.

"We demand that the agency no longer take action to defame Lee Sun Bin's reputation. If this behavior does not stop, we warn that we will take legal action."

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