Ren Min and Bian Cheng attracted people’s attention because of their heartbreaking stories, because the young couple was in “Serenade of Peaceful Joy”. However, the young actor Bian Cheng was criticized for his treat of Ren Min in a recent live broadcast. When asked about the ideal type, Ren Min tried to say that, like the character Huairou in the drama, she was also very attractive. Bian Cheng interjected that this standard is a bit too common, so Ren Min has to explain that appearance is just the foundation. She likes an interesting person. Bian Cheng then said that he would do his best to be very profound! ruthless (basically the opposite of fun)! He added: “I will try not to be your ideal person.”

When asked about the health of Ren Min, she said that she soaked her feet every night because her feet became very cold. Bian Cheng interjected: “Because the feet are too stinky.” Ren Min said that he could not know this, and he admitted that he was embarrassed not to know it. Ren Min returned to the screen and said, “Well, please forgive Didi (she refers to Bian Cheng as his brother).”

When asked about his first impression of Ren Min, Bian Cheng said: “It’s just a person with a low profile and a low figure, just a mediocre sister (sister).” From the person behind the camera, he continued Say: “After interacting with her, I feel that this sister is really good, sometimes takes care of us, and takes her work very seriously.”

When asked if they had a chance to cooperate again, Ren Min said she would be happy because it proved that she was still young. On the other hand, Bian Cheng said: “Maybe there is no chance (to work together).. If you play my aunt or my predecessor, would you think you are still young?” Ren Min clarified that they can play a Couples or classmates. Bian Cheng said: “Who wants to play a pair with you.” Ren Min was confused when she turned to the screen, because she said she did n’t know why he suddenly became like this, and she continued to mumble something that she was afraid of falling down emotionally.."

In their dramas, it is normal to see the two appear at the same time or even take photos with Metropolitan China. Both of them are very young, have great potential, and have promising career prospects, but it seems that B side is giving up everything with his recent behavior, only one day from the ending of “Peace and Serenade”! Bian Cheng quickly apologized through Weibo, “Today is my first live broadcast with Kuan Kuan. I feel a little excited and nervous about crossing the border. I apologize for Kuan Kuan. Thank you for your supervision and let me see my mistakes and shortcomings. , I will become more self-disciplined. @ RenMin, sorry.”

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