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BTOB's Ilhoon will join the army today to perform his mandatory services.

Late in the evening on May 27th, Ilhoon published a photograph of his short haircut on Instagram with the following letter:

Hello, I greeted my beloved Melody and supporters through a post for the primary time in a while. To be honest, I wrote this article to share news about enlistment. I am very sorry that I have not communicated properly with you during the break of the promotional activities during this period. You will definitely feel very frustrated because you have not heard the news of the people you trust and love directly, and only received news about me for a while. Sorry again but during that time, I focused on myself and took the time to take care of myself.

I think this is the article I have written for so long, this is the first time in a while, but I am also sorry for this sudden news. However, I'm sure you also know that I must perform my duties as a Korean man. Maybe it will be a long and short time, but I will become more healthy and happy. Hope you are also happy during that time. Thank you for reading my long post! I love you again, melody.

Following his letter, Cube Entertainment told the news media MK Sports that Ilhoon will join the army on May 28. They also shared that after four weeks of basic training, he will serve as a public service worker. The time and place of his enlistment are kept secret.

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