Choi Jin Hyuk (최진혁) may be starring in a new drama!

Choi Jin Hyukin starred in Zombie Detective

On May 20, Ilgan Sports reported that "Choi Jin Hyuk" will appear in the new "KBS2 TV" series "Zombie Detective" According to the report, Choi Jin Hyuk's agent clarified: "he has received an invitation to participate in the performance of KBS 2TV's new zombie detective, and he is currently reviewing the offer."But no results have been confirmed."

"Zombie Detective" is a "survival comedy" about a zombie who struggled in the human world after becoming a detective with a new identity after being resurrected four years ago. The series will provide a novel way of entertainment, with a refreshingly unique image of a zombie character, with both sexy and wild charm, and an unfortunate backstory for why he did not turn into ashes.

If he decides to accept this offer, Choi Jin Hyuk will assume the role of detective agency "CEO Kim Moo Young". After losing his memory of the past, "Kim Moo Young" decided to humbly accept his new destiny as a zombie. In order to survive, he hid on the mountain while correcting pronunciation and walking. Eventually, he found the bodies of people without family members or friends, and sneaked into the village under the new identity of "Kim Moo Young". Eventually, he became a detective, which started the second scene of his zombie life.

Since last year, "Choi Jin Hyuk" has been busy with many projects, including SBS's "The Last Empress", KBS2's "Justice" and OCN's "Rugal". Zombie Detective is directed by "Shim Jae Hyun", one of the co-directors of "The Producers", and is written by screenwriter "Baek Eun Jin".

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