DAY6's Jae received an exciting message from Park Jin Young

DAY6's Jae received message

The band released the mini album "The Book of Us: The Demon" on May 11, but because some members have been anxious, they have taken a break and focused on mental health. Jae recently shared an update. He said he performed much better, and thanked the supporters for their patience and support.

On May 20, Jae posted screenshots of his message conversation with Park Jin Young on Twitter and Instagram. The founder of JYP first congratulated Jae, congratulating Jae for co-composed DAY6's new track "Zombie".

Jae replied: "Thank you very much! I apologize for the problem that caused this comeback. I will get better as soon as possible and it will return to normal soon! Always thank you for your guidance and demonstration to the artist. I really admire the King of the Castle Thank you again, sir!"

Park Jin-young then responded:

Take your time, Jae, your health and happiness are more important than performances. Isn’t happiness the focus of life? I had to work hard to find happiness. From 2010 to 2012. Now, I am not lost. Jimmy must also go through this process in 2015. Therefore, I would rather allow you to spend these time and find the genuine answer for your life than just chasing things you don’t know.

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