LYSN application about the recent sasaeng fan incident

EXO's Baekhyun uploaded a lengthy message through the LYSN application about the recent sasaeng fan incident.

When he came home and found two sasaeng fans waiting at the door of his apartment, he expressed his anger.

“I’m very sorry for having to say this on such a beautiful day, but I have to do it because it’s too painful. I ’m worried that this might happen when everyone uploads on Instagram and Twitter, Our Eri will be negatively evaluated. I don’t want to have a negative impact on anyone... but I really feel like I have to say this. After I arrange my trip back home, two women (sasaengs) are in our house In front of the floor. Fortunately, I was with my manager. But at that moment I was scared. How did they find out? You don’t even see what floor people go from outside our apartment. And we will never ride The same elevator. Did they browse all mailboxes? Many thoughts circulated on my head, making me feel anxious. Also, do you know that I remember my face well? One of them was wearing a mask, but this is the person I have seen .. They said they wanted to support me, but they have two faces. I am really hurt. Those two might see this right? Please, please. Please protect my privacy. Pray for you."

We are very happy that Baekhyun has remained safe in a terrible situation.

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