Love Poems and purple

Hawk-eyed netizens have just pointed out that Yang Zi's latest limited edition "purple" wedding photo album is very similar to the concept of the fifth mini album "Love Poems" released last year by Korean singer and actress IU.

From the fantastic overall atmosphere created by the advertisement in the beautiful flower garden, the lavender theme and shape, and even the pose of Yang Zi, until the balloons that both stars hold, the similarities are incredible.

In recent years, as an increasing number of couples insist on proudly owning a photograph commemorating their marriage, pre-wedding pictures have turn into a booming industry. There is no doubt that wedding photography companies will do their best to make themselves stand out, and a company does this by joining GoGo Squid! actor. In addition, the theme of the English garden can definitely take some beautiful wedding photos.

Some netizens have mentioned that the overall appearance and concept are indeed not IU's proprietary patents or copyrights, but in some respects, are advertisements really similar to inspiration? What do you think?

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