"Go Fridge" Popular host He Jiong praised cellist Ouyang Nana's performance skills and said: "I am not qualified to judge on the artist's performance." His remarks seem to have troubled him. It is the audience who disagree with the audience, but it is really Is it fuss?

Ouyang Nana's performance, He Jiong

Students at the Berkeley Conservatory of Music played the role of Liu Haoran's cello in the 2014 "Beijing love story", attracting romantic attention and attracting people's attention. Over the years, she has been slowly increasing her performances, even in this years "The Great Ruler" Although playing the protagonist Roy Wang is unfortunate for her, but despite her best efforts, many audiences still lack the desire for her performance. This is one of the topics discussed in Go Fridge's latest episode-especially when she participated in the variety show "I Am the Actor" and the exaggerated performance caused criticism from the audience.

Maybe He Jiong said very well, his intention was to encourage her to continue to work in this industry, when he said that his performance finally looked very exaggerated, "maybe because she is coaching like this, or this is the result of editing", Because "that's not her normal tone." In addition, he believes that the standard of netizens evaluating the skills of actors in variety shows is wrong, so Ouyang Nana's performance is actually "very good", even praised her performance as "skilled".

In any case, his defense of musicians as actors has not been played well among netizens, which makes him very excited because, as some people have pointed out, excessive tolerance is too indulgent for bad performance, and Did not really help the actor to improve it.

The host himself seemed to realize his mistake based on what he wrote on the social media page: "I just finished recording the program and saw a video on the Internet. I think my comment is inappropriate. In fact, I It's inappropriate to say it. I also communicated my concerns to the program team, but maybe it's because they thought I was worried about my industry's juniors, and they decided to keep it in the editor ... I'm not qualified to The artist's performance does not have the right to comment on other programs (referring to “I Am the Actor”), nor should it express ambiguity that may inadvertently hurt others. I will use this as a learning opportunity.”

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