Janine Chang counter-attacked by the Comedian actor Yue Yunpeng

Janine Chang has just painted herself red

Not red enough, is it? Taiwanese actress Janine Chang has just painted herself red in a recent social media article. I think this is her react to Yue Yunpeng when she heard that Chinese comedian Yue Yunpeng had said earlier that she was not red enough and could not recognize him. When it was Yue Yunpeng's turn to guess Janine Chang, she failed to recognize her from the photo. "Who is it? I don't recognize her," He exclaimed when her picture was shown to her.

Freely translated into English, colour "red" (hong) is a slang commonly used to describe the popularity of celebrities. So when the comedian said that Janine Chang was "not red", he basically said that she didn't know him well! Whether it is a cheap photo taken to win the laughter of the audience, or despite a long list of famous works, such as Ruyi’s Love in the Palace, Detective Chinatown 3, Empress of China.. etc. , But he did not really recognize her, we will never know. But he said that when he saw everyone's expression, he said that he knew he had offended someone.

"I will try to make myself red, and I will do my best," Janine Chang replied, literally also directly marking the story of the comedian. A regretted Yue Yunpeng later apologized for his comment on TV and commented on Janine Chang's label, "I am ashamed that I saw you so red. In order to express my regret, I will always remind myself," he wrote At the same time, he shared a photo of a new wallpaper with Janine Chang’s name on it. If you were Janine Chang, would you answer? I like her handling of Yue Yunpeng's comments are both stylish and effective, because hey, she worked hard to develop her career to the present level, so that she can definitely spend her two cents on others.

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