Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee broke up

Lee Dong Gun's agency FNC Entertainment also reveled a statement about the divorce of actors.

Hello, This is FNC Entertainment.
First of all, we want to convey regret to those fans who like Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun made a divorce decision after careful consideration, and completed the divorce arbitration procedure in the Seoul Family Court on May 22. We apologize for causing the attention of many people. Lee Dong Gun will work harder to leave a better impression on the actors.

After three years of marriage, Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee parted ways. According to reports, on May 28, the two actors divorced due to unresolvable differences. The couple registered for marriage three years ago (May 2017) and held a private wedding in September of that year. Jo Yoon Hee's agent "Starship" King Kong confirmed the news in a formal statement, announcing that the couple officially divorced on May 22.

The full statement of the agency is as follows:

Hello. This is King Kong by Starship.
First, we regret that this unfortunate news must be conveyed. We are making an official statement on the report of actress Jo Yoon Hee's divorce. I would like to inform you that Jo Yoon Hee officially divorced Lee Dong Gun through the divorce arbitration procedure of the Seoul Family Court on May 22. When we delivered this sudden news, we asked to know those who congratulated the couple and cheered on their marriage. Jo Yoon Hee will work hard to greet you with good activities in the future.
Thank you.

According to Dispatch's report, Jo Yoon Hee has received custody of his young daughter.

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