NCT’s Jaehyun apologizes for social distance

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, people around the world are more and more keen to live. Four Korean celebrities including Jungkook (BTS), Cha Eunwoo (Astro), Mingyu (Seventeen) and Jaehyun (NCT) were recently discovered at Itaewon in the nightlife area.

This is when social distance is in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. In addition, the night club in Itaewon is a recent viral hot spot.

SM Entertainment, which manages NCT, issued a formal statement confirming that Jaehyun visited a bar and restaurant in the area. They clarified that he also voluntarily accepted the Covid-19 test and that he has not been infected with the virus.

The singer published a handwritten letter in Korean on Instagram on May 19, apologizing for not following the social distancing rules.

According to K-pop portal Koreaboo, he said: "Hello, this is Jaehyun. During this difficult period, my behavior hurt many people, and I am very sorry for this."

He added: "For all the people who are disappointed in my actions, I am very sorry for the fans who have always supported and trusted me. I also extend my thanks to all my members, my brokerage company and all those around me who are affected. People apologize. Through my actions."

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