When My Love Blooms


At first, the only reason I wanted to watch this drama was because of Jin Ying. His performance in "Psychometrics" left a deep impression on me. I can't wait for him to play another role.

After the first episode, I knew that he would not be the only reason for me to watch this show. Yoo Jitae's performance was surprising. I have seen him in Healer and Mad Dog, and I know he is a good actor.

Jeon Sonee's performance surprised me completely, but of course, in a very positive way. I can't wait to watch more scenes with her.

I was also surprised to see Park Shiyeon in this drama. I know you may not like her role, but you must agree that her performance is impressive. I love her in "Innocent Man" and I love her here too.


As you know, this drama tells a story about a pair of very unique people who met in college, then parted ways, and met again in the age of adults. There are many secrets and surprises in their relationship. We can see their relationship in 1993 and how they are different in today's era. They are older, have a lot of experience, and have many unpleasant situations in their lives. I'm curious to know what happened to them now, and what happened to them during college in the '90s.

In addition, we can also see some relationships between the rich and the poor, how cruel people live, and how they take care of their loved ones. We will see how people fight for their rights and future.


Choi Youngjae and Choi Jungyoon of GOT7 sang Korean track, classical tune and sweet OST in the '90s. Everything you can think of is here. Play the right music in the right scene. I have to say that if you find that this play has some flaws (and it may be because of every flaw), then the music is perfect.

If you have not experienced the good old days, then you can understand the situation in this drama. Everything from ancient Korean music to interesting titled movies and fashion. You have everything here.

Sometimes at the end of the episode, we will appreciate some beautiful and meaningful poetry. In this drama, this is actually a small amount of bonus, but it has improved.


When My Love Blooms (Korean: 화양연화) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Yoo Ji Tae (Han Jae Hyun), Lee Bo Young (Yoon Ji Soo), Park Jin Young (Han Jae Hyun) and Jeon So Nee (Yoon Ji Soo). It premiered on tvN's Saturdays and Sundays at 21:00 (KST) time slot from Apr 25, 2020 to Jun 14, 2020

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