Yang Yang, covid-19 drama, Together

Yang Yang plays the enthusiastic resident doctor Le Bin, who voluntarily fights COVID-19 again in Wuhan

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe damage, with more than 4 million people infected worldwide. More than 310,000 people have died from this disease. Whether it is economically or spiritually, the impact of the virus is huge. Although the current epidemic is gradually mitigating and stabilizing, countries around the world continue to work hard to control the epidemic.

Although the pandemic caused trouble, many touching stories also appeared. Especially medical personnel fighting on the front line. Their fighting spirit against the virus day and night is incredible.

To pay tribute to front-line employees, the China National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) approved a 10-part, 20-episode TV series called "Together." It follows a team of medical personnel fighting COVID-19 and is based on real events that have occurred during the past few months of the coronavirus battle.

The popular actor Yang Yang is one of the earliest confirmed actors in the play. He plays the enthusiastic resident doctor Le Bin, who voluntarily fights the disease again in Wuhan. In preparing for this position, Yang Yang consulted with a surgeon to understand the job, and he also went to a real hospital to learn and apprehend the usage of medical terminology and medical equipment. Yang Yang said: "This role is an ordinary person, but through this role, I can make him feel his blazing positive attitude, which is very meaningful."

Other actors confirmed to have appeared in the show include Jin Dong, Lei Jiayin, Huang Jingyu and Li Xiaoran, Youhug Media and SMG Pictures. Filming work has already begun and has been carried out in many cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi. Together is scheduled to premiere in October this year.

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