The upcoming tvN series "My Unfamiliar Family" shared new stills!

"My Unfamiliar Family" tells about the relationship and misunderstanding between strangers like family members and families like strangers.

In the latest photos, Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, Chu Ja Hyun and Shin Jae Ha focused on the script.

behind-the-scene photos behind-the-scene photos

Han Ye Ri, who will appear in the TV series as optimistic and considerate Kim Eun Hee, will read the script carefully so as not to miss any emotional details. Kim Ji Suk, who played her free-running college friend Park Chan Hyuk, was also impressed by his keen concentration.

Chu Ja Hyun, who will star in Kim Eun Hee's sister Kim Eun Joo, will study hard to fulfill his actual role in the family, while Shin Jae Ha, who will play the sensitive brother Kim Jin Woo, Also absorbed by the script.

The production team shared: "In this context, the efforts and enthusiasm of the actors will shine through their roles in a pleasant atmosphere. Please look forward to the magical synergy of the actors, which will make you feel sympathetic to [theatrical]. The story is similar to the story of "you" and "your family."

behind-the-scene photos behind-the-scene photos

"My Unfamiliar Family" will premiere at 9 pm on June 1.

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