Woollim Entertainment announced on Lovelyz

Woollim Entertainment announced on Lovelyz official social media that another artist's signed album presented to the band was illegally sold on the resale mobile app.

According to an official statement issued on May 25, the agency has used the assistance of industry officials and subcontractors to track the final use of the album in the application.

The agency continued: "Our company cherishes the recordings we have collaborated with our fellow artists, including CDs, and we want to let you know that we will never transfer them to anyone. Probably the album was likely stolen by "outsiders." This led them to ask the police to investigate.

They promised: "We will do our best to check the exact route of the leak and retrieve the goods as soon as possible."

They apologized for any inconvenience, and vowed to be extra careful not to repeat the same incident.

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