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Who would have thought that Zanilia Zhao Liying had hidden some amazing biceps in her Fei legendary costume eh? Those are some serious arm targets.

Last night, the actress jumped on Weibo and shared some snapshots of her recent workouts, proving that a healthy and fit body is also beautiful for women around the world. The actress posted the title "Fitness has some advantages" when she wore a black slim sports top, clearly showing her bodybuilding and medium-curved gun. I wouldn't even be surprised if this mom also had some tattered abs with her amazing arms.

After taking a vacation with her husband Feng Shaofeng's son more than a year ago after giving birth for a period of time, fans began to worry about how quickly the actress started to lose weight in some babies again when the actress began to appear in industry events. But now, in all the work done for Fei Legends, she has been working hard-battle scenes, wire work and all jazz, IMHO, she looks more gorgeous and powerful than ever.

Sometimes, it just needs some inspiration to give us a little push, and reminds us that the wonderful arms are completely feasible. I don't know you, but let me return to the prelude to family exercise!

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