BLACKPINK's Lisa, 1 billion won

YG Entertainment formally apologized after BLACKPINK's Lisa was cheated by manager for 1 billion won

Earlier on June 2, media reports said that the former manager of BLACKPINK and a long-time employee of YG Entertainment were called "A", and he was fired after defrauding about 1 billion won ($800,000) from member Lisa. According to reports, "A" told Lisa that they would look for real estate purchase opportunities and asked her 1 billion won. After Lisa provided the amount to "A", it was alleged that "A" blew out the amount of gambling.

Media reports said that "A" is a long-term employee of YG Entertainment and has managed BLACKPINK since the group's debut, and has a good reputation in YGE. In addition, after discovering the scam, insiders said that Lisa is currently struggling with fear, anxiety and betrayal.

In response to the above report, YG Entertainment stated that
"After an internal investigation, we learned that Lisa was deceived by a former manager'A'. Because Lisa hopes to resolve this matter quietly, because "A" is a manager trusted by Lisa; "A" has repaid part of the debt and will repay the remaining part of the debt accordingly. "A" is no longer an employee of the company. We want to apologize for causing serious attention from many fans who love us. At present, we are very uneasy about the behavior of'A, because it is not conducive to the trust of artists; we feel the great significance and misleading of responsibility.

We will take precautions to ensure that such related incidents do not happen again. " At the same time, BLACKPINK's Lisa is well-known to many K-Pop fans and is the first foreign artist to be premiered by YG Entertainment. The agency is expected to face severe criticism of this news.

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