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CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Brady Anderson.

OSEN released an exclusive report on the 26th, stating that "The two were in love", and for this, Stephanie posted a handwritten letter on Instagram to confirm the rumors.

Hello, this is Stephanie.
I think many people will be surprised by the article that appeared today. Since I do not currently have an agent, I am sorry to have to forward the news to you on such social media. Before talking about this news, I need to let my boyfriend in the US know, so it took some time, but I published this letter to reply as soon as possible. Indeed, I am dating Brady Anderson. I am well aware that it is impossible to confirm without access to my personal contact information, but articles about my retirement and "disappearance" are flooding. Please do not cause confusion in articles that are not related to the facts. I am currently in South Korea, making rehearsals for my next ballet and waiting for the broadcast of the broadcaster. Therefore, I asked reporters not to write about fans who would hurt supporters and continue to cheer for me. I hesitated what to do, because this is my first dating news since my debut, but I think it's better to be honest. We met through good contacts and our relationship is progressing smoothly, so please follow us friendly.

Stephanie was born in South Korea and grew up in California. She joined SM Entertainment in 2004 and made her debut as a member of CSJH The Grace in 2005. In 2012, she began her solo career and was active among ballet dancers and musical actors. In 2016, after the contract expired, she left SM Entertainment.

Brady Anderson is a former outfielder who has played for major baseball bat teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians.

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