In a recent online community post, netizens posted the Gao pictures in the pensions run by the parents of the Big Bang members. It is the toenails of pet dogs that cause criticism. They look very long and poorly managed. Some netizens criticized that Gaho did not bring Gaho's cat back to his home after G-Dragon retired.

Netizens commented: "Why not take care of her toenails?" "Why leave the dog like that when you are rich," "If you retire from the army, bring him back," "Your cat is back , Why can't you bring him back,"

  1. (+1,665, -36) If you cannot take responsibility for his care, ask others to adopt him.
  2. (+1,539, -32) You usually don’t even have to cut a big dog’s nails, so to my surprise he is in this state. Their nails will naturally fall due to regular walks, so the dog's condition makes me think they locked him somewhere, and even refused to walk.
  3. (+1,383, -29) Such nails really hurt when he walked. Walking around at least helps to polish the nails, so this is indeed a sign of negligence.
  4. (+158, -3) His nails are very long, which means he is basically neglected without any walk.
  5. (+153, -4) I have never expressed hatred towards GD, but this is indeed wrong.
  6. (+144, -1) It seems that they are just feeding him, but not taking him for a walk. It can be seen from the state of his nails.
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