On May 29th, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying welcomed their new child. It seemed like yesterday, when they announced the good news at a concert (Chen Qiaodan) at Taipei in December.

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying, new baby

The proud father posted a picture of their new child, but did not disclose the name or gender, despite media reports that Cheri had a baby boy.

This glowing family ushered in another sunshine in life, which made me feel very happy. More importantly, when Jasper told his parents that he had not planned to separate the toys and their parents' attention before, I was curious to know his reaction. Although he had sent a signal to his father and mother that he could have another child, it was so cute that they had to get his permission!

When we saw that he was very kind to other children in the Chinese variety show "Where Are We Going, Dad?", we can foresee that he will become the brother of his siblings. I can't wait to see him play this role! Hope we can get more photos as soon as possible and keep the baby healthy.

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