What if you fall in love with your boss? This is an embarrassing dilemma in real life, but not necessarily in the drama world. Modern romantic comedy, What If You're My Boss?, will deeply study the interesting process of establishing the relationship between the boss and the employee with the lover. There have been reports earlier that this is a sister drama of "Well Intended Love", but when you look closely, it is actually very similar to the popular Korean TV drama "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim."

With the title of Lulu Xuan and Eden Zhao, we will watch these two titles fighting for the real boss, and both roles having strong personality.

Lulu Xuan, played by Nie Xing Chen, will be a female boss we can look up to. She may be the secretary of our male leader, but this does not mean that she cannot become her own boss! When her boss happened to be difficult, things started to get complicated.

Eden Zhao, who plays Yan Jing Zhi, is a stereotyped boss and discerning boss. No one can tolerate him, but he met his game at Ning Xie Chen and no matter what he threw at her, he seemed unshakable. He began to admire her and admit that she is the best secretary ever, but does she want to resign? Don't worry, he said confidently that she would change her mind.

They participated with Wang Qian (female star) and Liu Yinjun (playboy). Jin Wen Xin (Tong Xin) plays as a fangirl fell in love with the handsome doctor played by Liu Youchang.

If you want to start more romantic romances in the workplace with powerful characters, then it will be excited when it comes out tonight.

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