After the tragic death of George Floyd, Red Velvet's Yeri spent some time admitting and supporting the ongoing "black Lives Matter" protest.

Black Lives Matter protests

The popular idol uploaded a story and shared a post from her friend and former SM intern Herin Seo. This lengthy post expresses dissatisfaction and aversion to the continued violence of African Americans, and it seems that Yeri is defending the movement by sharing this post.

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Ive been seeing a lot of people & brands post unnecessary things daily and it angers me that they choose to ignore and not put their efforts into an incredibly more important matter. I have also seen people vaguely post about the situation, evidently showing no compassion or will to take proper action against this hate crime. We have been following a corrupt system for years and people of colour deserve basic human rights. And as a HUMAN BEING we need to help our fellow people in their times of need. It disgusts me that there are still people out there that do not empathize for the black community and ignore their mistreatment. AGAIN WHITE PRIVILEGE. Please do all that you can by spreading awareness, signing petitions, speaking about it to fam&friends and protesting. #blacklivesmatter #raisethedegree find the petitions @ we will not stop.

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