Shin Se Kyung will play the heroine in JTBC's "Run On". Her agency Namoo Actors said: "Shin Se Kyung has received an invitation to participate in JTBC's new TV series "Run On" and she has already started to review the offer."

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"Run On" will follow the story of track and field athletes who became sports agents in the past. The story tells about Ki Sun Kyum, a man destined to run forward, and Oh Mi Joo, a woman who is used to always looking back. As a track and field athlete, the former will eventually get lost the moment he looks back, while the latter has no choice but to return to the same scene over and over again as a foreign film translator.

Im Siwan is currently in talks to play Ki Sun Kyum, and if Shin Se Kyung decides to accept the offer, she will play Oh Mi Joo.

Oh Mi Joo is a character who lost her parents when she was young and grew up in an orphan. She overcomes the sympathy and negligent eyes around her and becomes a successful translator. However, she found it difficult to open her heart to anyone. It was her experience of meeting Ki Sun Kyum, and she made her experience unprecedented emotions.

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