Fans of the historical drama "Joy of Life" will be very excited! As early as April, the second season of this popular TV series has been determined and is expected to start shooting at the end of this year. We can look forward to another "Joy of Life" party between the fan siblings played by Song Yi and Guo Qi lin, who will become the main characters of the upcoming new drama "My Heroic Husband" (赘婿).

"My Heroic Husband" is based on the novel of the same name by the author Ceng Deng Ke. In the upcoming TV series, Song Yi plays Su Tan Er, a heiress from a business family, who is known for her intelligence and extraordinary knowledge. Guo Qi lin plays her useless husband Ning Yi, but is actually a mathematical genius.

For many drama fans, it is strange to see Song Yi and Guo Qi lin playing a married couple, because we are used to them as brothers and sisters of fellow Fan Ruo-Ruo and Fan Si Zhe. However, fans of "Joy of Life" are visiting, such as Zhang Ruoyun, Tian Yu, Gao Shu guang and Hai Yi Tian have also been confirmed to be guest role In the drama.

The supporting roles of my heroic husband will also appear in Jiang Yi yi, Jiang Yu xian, Zhang Song wen and Zhu Zhu.

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