Sung Hoon

In the early hours of June 27th, actor Sung Hoon live-streamed through Instagram!

During the live broadcast, the star seemed a little intoxicated, and he fell asleep soon after the live broadcast!

The actor fell asleep for a while, and about 2,000 to 3,000 viewers tuned in to the broadcast, just in case something went wrong, many of them tried to wake him up. During the broadcast, Sung Hoon turned over and pointed his mobile phone camera towards the ceiling. The audience can see him calling, and making several phone calls.

Around 5:20 am KST, many people suspected that Sung Hoon's agent arrived and shut down the live broadcast without any major accidents.

MBC's "I live alone" audience will remember that this is actually a habit of Sung Hoon. Previously on the show, the actor admitted that he had insomnia. Then he shared: "For some reason, when I opened Instagram Live, it made me yawn." Even saw Sung Hoon lying in bed in the "I Live Alone" episode of Instagram live trying to turn off the lights to try Put himself to sleep.

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