My Unfamiliar Family, Episode-3 Making scene

The video was filmed from Kim Ji Suk and Han Ye Ri. The two actors tried to maintain professionalism in the episode, but were interrupted by strong winds, fading sunlight and barking dogs.

After successful outdoor shooting, they came to the place where it should be Kim Ji Suk's role-playing office. Han Ye Ri joked: "You must have saved a lot of money," he quipped: "about 1 billion won (about 822,335 US dollars)." Then, Kim Ji Suk asked if she had already remembered her lines and warned her that they still There is a long way to go.

In the next scene,Han Ye Ri will take a picture with Won Mi Kyung, Chu Ja Hyun and Shin Jae Ha. When they are joking and arguing with each other, they look like a real family. Shin Jae Ha pointed out the curler in Han Ye Ri's hair, and she quickly rolled it up awkwardly. Chu Ja Hyun gently beat Shin Jae Ha, and asked: "Why did you tell her?" Han Ye Ri smiled, and Shen Zaihe replied: "Because I am very good." Yuan Meijing is fascinated by their chemical reaction, Point out that they were happy when they were together.

With Shin Dong Wook and Han Ye Ri shooting sweet scenes together, the fun on the spot continues. Shin Dong Wook was worried that if he suddenly reached out to her with a cup and suggested that he do so in a gentle manner, he might shock Han Ye Ri. He hugged her with his arms and gently warned her not to drink hot beverages at once, she would smile.

After sending out the prompt signal, Shin Dong Wook zoomed in towards Han Ye Ri. The director was taken aback by his swift speed, and stopped shooting and making jokes, "What's wrong with you?" In the next scene, the friendly director reminded them: "This is a family drama", which made the actors laugh.

"My Unfamiliar Family" tells about the relationship and misunderstanding between strangers like family members and families like strangers.

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