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There must be a heavy burden on Zheng Shuang's shoulders, and she got up late last night. Judging from the mysterious information released in the early hours of her early morning, it seems that the reason why she does not want to fall asleep seems not to be signed exclusively by a company.

Zheng Shuang said that according to her native rewritten news at three in the morning, she said that an oral agreement had been arrived in January last year to terminate her exclusive contract with the other party. But it turned out that she always thought that the shelved agreement was still working, because when the other party said that she no longer cooperated, she did not realize her intention. "But I want to be sensitive to others and don't want to embarrass those present, so I don't say much about it. Therefore, in the past few days, I have been working like a super woman, running around and dealing with it myself Everything, including schedules, contracts, scripts, and clothing studios recommended by my last friend. I need to coordinate with Emma and Daqi myself, teachers, you are working hard!" Add actress.

Maybe the message was originally deleted, but this is just a way to let her vent some original feelings, but because it has attracted the attention of fans and night owls, the post is greatly simplified to be similar... except for a little at the end point. The actress ended the post with an old saying: "I am not afraid of encountering tigers in the forest, but I am afraid of being hurt by both sides of humanity."

Zheng Shuang's post, agreement

"At the beginning of the year, I said that I didn't want to be completely tied up by a company. This was obviously shared with partners. It turns out that I have long believed that the relationship I ended was not the same as other companies. People on the field were embarrassed. I am not afraid of encountering tigers in the forest, but I am afraid of being hurt by both sides of human beings."

Now, what is she referring to in this article that confuses everyone-does it refer to the old hairstyle and makeup team that once worked with her, or does it refer to the company that continues to contact her even after verbal consent? All of us are still working hard on this Not a blind project, but still confusing is some news, so I think your guess is as good as everyone's guess.

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