You can only expect to see on TV that Zhao Yiqin played with Eleanor Lee in the historic romantic comedy "Fake Princess", in a few minutes and in a 48-second video They poured three glasses of water and almost took a bath. He issued an apology on social media last night. In the video he gave to Huanyu boss Yu Zheng.

The actor said: "My dearest boss, I want to apologize to you because the number in the new drama "Fake Princess" is lower than you expected and only broke a billion views. I'm sorry for the number of times." When he continued to chuck a full glass of water on himself, no one could predict what would happen next.

After Zhao Yiqin said, "I failed you, you cannot rely on me to be my reason," and poured myself a second water. . Then, after saying aloud "My Girl" (he is currently in a TV series starring the heroine Li Jiaqi), I think it will be a big hit. If it still does not solve the problem and will not be hit, I will pour another glass!! "Amazed with the third glass.

No one in Betcha hopes that such an apology will happen (in fact, there is no apology). The most important thing is Yu Zheng. He replied his artist after reposting the video, saying "What is going on? Why are you not on WeChat?" Back to the message? Who taught you to do this? Let’s go home (probably referring to Huanyu Headquarters), let’s play by ourselves? Today is frustrating enough, please don’t give other reasons to accuse me of trying to get my attention again . In addition, this is not a TV series we made, why do you work hard for this? Annoying!"

Wow, the poor guy really put too much pressure on himself and couldn't achieve it. I hope he takes some time to reflect on and take care of his mental health... Maybe he can chat with Yu Zheng. That's it, it's really useless to put the weight of the whole production on your shoulders. I hope he can get rid of the difficulties as soon as possible and concentrate his energy on making his next project perform better.

Source (weibo)


  1. Zhao!! Don't think too much! You have other fans on the other side of the world that likes your work. We will still support and love your work! All the best! ❤️

  2. You never know...I watched your dramas two three times🥺🥺🥺...


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