AOA member Mina

On July 3, former AOA member Mina shared multiple posts on Instagram, saying that Jimin had bullied her for many years while in the girl group. Mina later revealed that Jimin personally visited her, spoke a lot of things, and apologized after posting, but even though she wrote that she decided to accept Jimin’s apology, she added that she did not Determine if this is sincere. Then, Mina posted a new post again, claiming that Jiming had sex with a man in the group’s shared dorm.

In addition to personally apologizing to Mina, Jimin also publicly apologized on Instagram on July 4, and Mina responded to this.

This is FNC Entertainment,
First of all, we have to apologize for the recent incidents related to Jimin that have caused the attention of many people. From this moment, Jimin decided to leave AOA and stop all her activities in the entertainment industry. In addition, our agency is responsible for this entire situation, Sorry, we will manage our artists better in the future. Once again, we apologize for the concern."

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