Ling Long

In a plot not far from the story of the gods and heroes and their missions in the mythology, the latest work of actress Zhao Jinmai is to fight against the power of evil with the nominal exquisiteness, in this 45-episode new fantasy adventure In the film, "put your head on my shoulders" lovely Lin Yi. People are constantly attracted to stories about good and evil for a reason. Whatever it is, we will cheer for Ling Long 玲珑 and her "little" crew Because they tried to restore harmony in the continent mysteriously called "Suchuan".

Ling Long

Ling Long (2020) Details

  • Chinese Title: 玲珑
  • English Title: Ling Long
  • Country: China
  • Starring role: Angel Zhao as Huo Tu Ling Long / Justin Yuan as Huo Tu Xin / Lin Yi as Yuan Yi
  • Supporting Cast: Elvira Cai as Yin Zhuang / Xin Yun Lai as Yin Xiao / Tu Nan as Wei Sheng Yan / Zhang Fan as Zhu Xi
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: Historical, Adventure, Fantasy

The legend tells of the mysterious age when gods still roam the earth freely. However, the disaster from the sky quickly caused the fall of the gods and opened a turbulent era for Suchuan. Years later, the young monarch Yuan Yi (Lin Yi) ascended the throne, and he vowed to end the unrest and restore peace. Yuan Yi believes that the fall of the gods and all the turmoil in Suchuan are related to some extent. Yuan Yi fled the imperial city and hunted down a girl named Ling Long 玲珑, who had the power of the gods. At the request of Long, Ling Long 玲珑 and her father Huo Tuxin (Yuan Hong) embarked on the greatest adventure of their lives to save Suchuan and start a new era of prosperity.

Ling Long

Ling Long 玲珑 played several "firsts" for its cast. This was the first screen pairing between Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi. This is also the first time Lin Yi has entered the world of costume play. You will find that he looks like he is wearing casual clothes like a combination of T-shirt and jeans, and looks very comfortable. Surprisingly, Yuan Hong will not play the actor when playing Zhao Jinmai’s father.. But I think we can still think of him as a hero, because it looks like he will make his own contribution in saving with his Daughter's world.

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