On August 8, AOA member Mina shared a creepy picture of self-harm, and news that sounded like a suicide note or an explosive will on Instagram, and the news that she called three people, one of whom was Jimin, She allegedly bullied her and the group at the time. Then came Seolhyun, and finally Han Sung Ho (CEO of FNC Entertainment).

Mina's post is as follows: 

"I don't want to go unfairly. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, live well. My mom, older sister, and family weren't able to say anything and will probably cry though they've done nothing. Compensate them all for mental distress. Please give them a lot. You're the kind of person who only knows about money. The account wasn't even settled properly, the contract was 8 years, and there was no breakdown of expenditures for the illegal trainee debt of 3 billion Won ($2,522,758.80 USD). You didn't answer me when I contacted you until the end. Irresponsible people. You don't even know how I was treated for 11 years, and to the bystanders or whatever, listen carefully. Those people are all like trash that I can't even describe. Do you even know the kind of people who'll push for a sane person's death? I'm happy, but I want to go. It's painful here. Don't come to my funeral when I die. You're dirty. When I die, I'll torment you all. I can't live with this evil, okay."

After the incident, the "Wori actors" immediately contacted police, and Mina was taken to the nearest emergency room. She is still alive and is currently receiving proper care in the hospital. If you are confused about the overall situation, here are some background stories, all from a month ago, when Mina exposed the bullying by her former partner. Jimin, she also explained many times. She tried to end her life because of Jiming, but Jiming denied all this and called it a "fiction"

Even netizens were angry. Later, after Jimin apparently denied her claims, Mina published evidence of self-harm. She continued to expose Jimin's alleged bullying behavior and subsequent behavior, and also disclosed her mental and emotional distress. Then, she shared the personal information that Jimin apologized to her, and her current record company updated her health status. Then, Nina followed up another post again in which Jiming allegedly had sex with a man in the group's shared dorm.

Later on July 4th, AOA’s label company FNC Entertainment announced that, Jimin had left the group and the entire industry, but the departure of Jimin and the entertainment industry did not help all of me. A few weeks after the incident, she was depressed. She posted a concerning picture of the sutures on her wrists and admitted to self-harm. "But Mina later clarified because you did not attempt to commit suicide that day. The needles were about a month ago. She added that this happened after a fierce dispute with the FNC representative.

On July 15, fans and netizens discovered that Mina unfollowed two AOA members on social media, thus inciting bullying rumors. She told her again that she wanted to delete all of her memories in the group, even if all of them seemed to her current agency not to care. The label neither tried to protect her, nor did it take any precautions to prevent this from happening. Now, let us wish Nina a speedy recovery. What do you think of the whole situation?

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