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(+261, -8) Black Pink is not number 6 on the Hot 100 but on the new global chart .. the article sounds confusing.

(+195, -1) On Hot 100, BTS is No. 2, Black Pink is No. 49.

(+91, -7) This article makes it look like Black Pink is No. 6 on the Billboard.

(+61, -1) BTS is just another class... No. 2 in the third week's Hot 100 and No. 2 in the global.. amazing

(+50, -1) It’s really a good feeling to hear that our singers are very popular and highly ranked in other countries. I heard that it is extremely difficult to rank high on Billboard, so it is amazing that BTS and Black Pink do this. Congratulations to them.

(+33, -2) Black pink is not the 6th place in the Hot 100, but another chart. You can only see from the pictures of Hot 100 provided, but the reporter deliberately wrote the title of the article, it sounds like Black Pink is No. 6. on the Hot 100

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