On September 13th, BTS shared a reaction video for their music video for “Dynamite” version “B-side”

After being released on August 21, the MV “Dynamite” set a new YouTube record for peak views, debuting 24 hours.The English single was a perfect success in South Korea and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot. 100, which is the highest on the chart for the entire South Korean group, "Dynamite" extended that record by topping the chart for the second consecutive week.

'Dynamite''s B-side music video showcases some cutscenes, and behind-the-scenes fun from the music video set. The reaction video started with BTS members explaining the meaning of 'B-side'. A-side and B-side are terms derived from LP records and refer to the two “sides” of a record that play different songs when flipped over. A-side is similar to what Korean artists currently call “Title Track”, but “B-side” is an additional or auxiliary song.

V said, “It's like watching from a different point of view.” Before the video was played, J-Hope quipped, “It's the BTS side.” V retorted, “So the A side is the Army side.”

While playing the B-side MV, J-Hope explained, “We made a lot of different music videos. This included spending different times as well as bloopers. The members then chatted a bit about each other's solo scenes, often filmed without anyone else.

Suga said at the basketball scene, "I told you to use CGI to get the ball in, but it didn't work." Watching the spontaneous dance scene, the members felt a lot of joy by mentioning Jimin and V's comments on the memes featuring No Hong-Chul in 'Infinite Challenge'.

Finally, the members expressed their admiration for the CGI effect. V said, "It's not CGI, let's assume we really went there." I asked where "there" was, and "it's a secret."

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