Charlene Choi, Anthony Shek, rumors, broke up

Charlene Choi finally react broke up with rumors of her broken up with boyfriend Anthony Shek. Charlene and her father, heirs to the family's billion-dollar mahjong empire, have been dating for three years they revealed their relationship in 2017.

Naturally, marriage guesses are not behind the rumors, even the accusations that couples plan to say their I Do’s soon. In fact, they seem to be heading in that direction, as both seem. Will be comfortably integrated into each other's life However, the latest chatter said otherwise when reports emerged that they had already broken up.

You can see, Anthony had no intention of getting married, and Charlene is said to have become more obsessed and possessive over time. Not a fan of clubbing, Charlene has been tagged with Anthony at night in the city, but just sits in a boring and gloomy place. According to some accounts, after joining a huge row while on vacation in the Maldives last December, the two had a Cold War with each other before finally deciding to separate.

Anyway, before this rumor had more momentum, Charlene Choi himself immediately uncovered the story. She told the media that they were wrong and that she would not even respond to rumors from nothing.

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