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(+275, -60) They ranked 20th, how did this get worst? Since when does the Melon rank signify real-life popularity? Especially with all the sajaegi on the charts, it's basically nonsense ㅋㅋ

(+174, -34) This song is not officially released. In any case, it is basically a launch event for the international market. How many singers have been able to be on the charts for so long with most English songs? Why trying to bring it down like this?

(+116, -35) 'Ice Cream' was not an official release or repackage, it just looked like a collab. Why do call it a domestic failure? The fact that they collaborate with foreign singers is amazing in itself and probably a good experience for them. Fans of both fandoms are excited about it, so don't spoil the parade. People aren't interested in performance on the charts, they're interested in the actual collaboration itself. When we release the next album or single, we will pay attention to the chart performance, but 'Ice Cream' itself is a surprise song for fans.

(+79, -18) What's the absurd reason to cut them down?

(+43, -12) It's unfair to compare BP with BTS performance.BTS is more than 8 years old and more experienced, while BP has half of 4 years, the difference is not just promotion. But also has a fandom size Their collaboration with Gaga and Selena was meaningful for the American market, not Korea, and both were doing well enough. The actual show will begin in October when they return. Despite being crippled by the many scandals their companies are under, BP is doing just as well as them because they are BP.

(+38, -8) The worst performance in Korea? What is the point of choosing a title that provokes provocative? So how do you explain that their last song, 'How You Like That', still ranks at the top? And it's not that popularity is determined solely by chart rankings, especially today. Let's see what journalists are saying on October 2 when their full album is released.

(+23, -1) How can you call BP's worst performance when 'How You Like That' broke the domestic charts lately?

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