Writer criticized, Love and Redemption

It is probably correct to say that "love and salvation" is a surprise in the end of summer. With excellent performance premises and novel storylines, stunning scenery and costumes, and most importantly, the amazing chemistry reactions between Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan and between other actors, it is not surprising! But recently, as the story develops in a direction that some viewers find completely unsatisfactory, the show seems to be in trouble.

As with other theatrical modifications, adjustments in the original plot are expected to suit the purpose of the drama. And in most cases this is not a problem as long as the changes improve the plot of the story and not deviate from it. However, for love and redemption, as we crossed the halfway and near the end, more viewers said the adaptation of the original story was "too much" and felt the same that writers were making drama for the sake of the original story. Dramas written by too many misunderstandings.

Another thing that fans of novels object to is how writers make others appear stupid to make Sifeng’s role more prominent. They “dumbing down” Xuanji's character, saying that the script seemed to be skewed towards the hero, Sifeng. You will see how Xuan Ji keeps accusing Sifeng of lying to her and asks him to explain to himself when he is actually smart in the book. Most of the "good people", including Xuan's sister Linglong and her father, are more sensible in the novel, not that they constantly use the Sifeng as their enemy.

Viewers also pointed out that supposed stories about Xuanji's growth seem to be sending a message that friends and family mean nothing, because only love can save her. On the other hand, Sifeng's selfless love showed that there was too much anger and his character was too pitiful. Netizens watched the number of times he spilled blood, and the number went up to 42 times in 44 episodes aired! Why, in episode 27, the only person whose main partner has passed nine generations, he spat blood nine times!

With so many dissatisfied fans threatening to stop watching, LaR writer Liu Fang later came forward to explain her incident. She said the novel did a great job in world-building as well as character development for the characters. However, for it to translate well to the small screen, there are still gaps that need to be filled.

About Xuanji conditions are present, Liu Fang said that everything is a part of the progress of the planned character to be able to grow. She will make mistakes but She will have them, learn from them and correct them. As the confusion between the identity of demons and gods, she said, "The gods also have demons. Demons are not necessarily bad. People often have a shortage. No high or low, only good and evil." For more affirmative about it, Liu Fang closes his explanation by saying "In this story, humans and demons are mere chess pieces, they are the victims of this war. Eventually, it is hoped to end the millennial war and return to the integration of the three realms. Identity does not mean anything. We only talk about the good and the evil."

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