Naver webtoon 'Helper'

(+1,050, -52) This is different from Kian's scandal. Webtoon writers are writing crime at this point beyond the point of freedom of expression. I'm not at what he has the agenda for the IU, look at the view she was portrayed so she will really get hurt. IU fans deserve sued're mad already a problem.

(+451, -36) What more can even webtoon readers say if they shake their heads and give up on him? What's more the artist painted perpetrated what she could know the IU? Isn't it a crime not only to name her after her, but to portray her that way by drawing a birthmark like the one on her face? I think she should sue him.

(+314, -16)There is a scene where a middle school student is kidnapped and r*ped by a person with two genitals... Can you think that such a webtoon appears on the main page of a platform as big as Naver?

(+318, -78) Compared to this webtoon, hatred for Gian is nothing. So many worse scenes.. got all the heat because Kian is more famous.

(+81, -11) I've been a reader for a while, but finally enough. All female characters featured here are treated like sex slaves to which violence is allowed (there are also real human-inspired characters). Do you think such webtoons appear on Naver? It's not about feminism or gender inequality. Anyone with a normal mind should oppose such webtoons. There must be limits to creative expression. This webtoon has long surpassed it.

(+50, -4) There is no freedom of opinion here ;;; This has crossed over to the point of crime. He drew not only characters Not only named after IU, but also has the same birthmark of her. Do not dare and deny this. I hope they will sue him.


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