Choiza are dating in the new documentary

Sulli's mother appeared on the September 10 show of "Why Did Sulli Bother You?" broadcast on MBC's "DocuPlex" and mentioned that Sulli was dating Choiza.

Sulli's mother said, "The whole family was happy before the news of Sulli's relationship (Choiza) was released."

Sulli's mother recalled when the news came out. "When I first saw the picture, I didn't believe it. I thought it was wrong. So I called and said Sully was true."

Her mother said, "After a 13-year-old boyfriend appeared in the picture, I felt like I was jumping a lot of stairs. The culture, alcohol, food, and conversation patterns all suddenly changed. There was no middle way."

Sulli's mother explained that she had fought with Sulli after the news of the date was revealed. "Sally feels disappointed and sad, so she will be angry. She said how can you not accept the person I like? She said that she went through difficult times and made money. She asked me how much I made and told We will write a statement in her next income. At that time our relationship broke down." Later, Sulli and her mother kept in touch, but they did not meet often.

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