webtoon 'Hell-per'

Recently, the webtoon 'Hell-per' has been criticized for being too misogynistic and sexually violent. The work is limited to readers over the age of 18, but netizens are calling for these restrictions to be withdrawn forever, saying "not enough".

'Helper' covers such episodes in Ganashi, a fictional city where men fight each other using supernatural weapons since they unveiled their second season in 2016. Most of our readers are known as men.

Some of the controversial content in "Hell-per" includes inhumanization, psychological manipulation, verbal violence, and excessive torture and rape of children and women of all ages, including the elderly. Netizens also pointed out that certain scenes and characters suggest celebrities in real life, including male and female K-Pop artists.

The most recent controversy has to do with sexually explicit torture scenes featuring female elderly characters. An elderly character with her clothes and hair completely pulled out is depicted taking a liquid drug injection forcibly.

In addition, online community forums have gathered contextual evidence for the misogynistic and extreme content of webtoons, including kidnapping children in swimming pools and raping crew members, leading to murder and verbal violence in most cases.

Many male subscribers to the webtoon are also known to have expressed negative opinions about the series. From September 11th (KST), netizens are starting a campaign to stop disclosing misogyny content using the '#Webtoon_Stop_Your_Misogyny' hash tag (in Korean). The controversial webtoon 'Helper' is currently receiving an average Naver rating of 1.8.

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