Go back to Wuhan
Source (news.naver.com) Go back to Wuhan

A white American man made a racist comment to a Korean-American sister who was eating in a restaurant, asking her to return to Wuhan.

[+105, -8] I don't want such discrimination against gyopos. I am so ignorant.

[+77, -6] Why do they think all Asians are Chinese? In particular, it comes from Americans in countries that have not only spread the virus more widely, but also rejected personal precautions. Why should Koreans be treated like we are Chinese? Even Koreans stopped assuming that all whites were Americans 30 years ago. There are too many Asians living in the United States, including Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thais, and Vietnamese. Let's not normalize treating all Asians like Chinese.

[+34, -6] He's crazy. The United States had better return all the masks and disinfectants we sent. People like him don't deserve it.

[+4, -1] People act like Asians are such an easy target. Discriminated by both black and white. They fight against racism against each other, but racism against Asians pretends to be completely normal.

[+2, -0] Didn't she tell him that she is Korean?

[+1, -0] Well, she didn't wear a mask, no wonder the Americans criticized her. Even white guy wear masks.

[+1, -0] K-Drama, K-Pop has made great efforts to establish an image of Asia in the West, but China is establishing anti-Asian sentiment worldwide. I think we really need to prove that China’s culture is different from ours and make it unique. It is unfair that we have to suffer because of China.

[+1, -0] Annoyingly, because of Wuhan, the Koreans have to deal with this problem. East Asians look the same, so we can't expect them to distinguish between us as Korean, Chinese or Japanese.

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