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She and Her Perfect Husband

There's a new drama I've been looking forward to since it was announced last year, and after it was reported a few days ago that filming had begun, She and her perfect husband held the opening ceremony. On February 27, the cast included lead actors Yang Mi and Xu Kai with Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan and Liu Lin in supporting roles.

In the male lead reversal that you can often see in contract relationships, Yang Mi plays an alpha lawyer opposite Xu Kai as her "puppy dog" loves attention. The two entered into a contractual marriage before agreeing to one another. Both seem to be perfectly handsome, with Yang Mi being no strangers to strong female roles and her nine-year younger Xu Kai in real life as a romantic lead. Netizens noticed that Su Kai lost weight on his newest drama and is still handsome. It is difficult to see Xu Kai in modern dramas as he starred in many dramas after gaining fame in Story of Yanxi Palace.

With the filming in progress, the two were keen to fulfill their contract terms. Yang Mi as Qin Shi said that Yang Hua had to appear as her husband at social events .. No need to spend time dating because they got married first. She has a home and he can move in. She is good at making money while Yang Hua is patient and considerate so he can take care of the house. She makes enough money for both of them, so she doesn't care if he has a job or not. Finally, she said, "Yang Hua, you need to listen to me." Meanwhile, Xu Kai when Yang Hua replied, "You can go ahead and build your own career, I will be your strongest pillar." Okay, I'm so excited about this pair. Let the romance begin.

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